10 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

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For those who share their lives with dogs, these beautiful animals have a special place in their hearts. They are not just funny creatures that feature in viral videos on the internet. Dogs are true friends, and they establish a cosmic bond with humans that can leave indelible traces in our lives. We, as Uplifers, have compiled a list of 10 things that only “people who have managed to add a pawed friend to their life” can relate to:

10 things only dog owners will understand

  • Your dog is your best fitness buddy. It never complains about the route, pace, or stretching breaks.
  • If your dog runs around the house, it’s a sign that you should move and stretch as well.
  • Your dog’s diet is as important as your child’s. You should give it natural and organic foods instead of ordinary meals.
  • If you don’t have children, you remember the day you adopted your dog or the day it was born just as parents remember their children’s birthdays.
  • When your dog photobombs your pictures by licking the camera, you don’t mind the cuteness while others may be shocked. Also, your possessions inevitably have some dog drool on them.
  • If your dog wears cute accessories and clothes, 80% of the photos on your phone are of your furry friend!
  • Doing yoga together in the downward-facing dog pose is nothing less than pleasurable. Your dog will try to distract you with its cuteness, but that just adds to the fun.
  • One of your arms probably aches constantly from endless ball-play sessions.
  • When your dog enjoys the food you prepared for it, you realize why your grandma enjoys cooking for you so much.
  • A happy and healthy dog makes a happy and healthy you!

source: mindbodygreen.com

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