Helping Your Dog Stay Energized While At Home: 5 Tips

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Despite being stuck at home, your dog still needs to exercise to get rid of excess energy. Dogs must be walked, exercised, and entertained regardless of the current conditions. When dogs get bored, they can become destructive and damage household items. To prevent this, develop ways to keep your dog energized with some creativity. Here are some tips to help you energize your dog while at home:

1. Create an Obstacle Course

You can create an obstacle course for your dog in a part of your home suitable for the task, such as a corridor or balcony. Even small obstacles that your dog can jump or weave around may be helpful in burning off energy. You can use solid items such as chairs, stools, and coffee tables to create the course. Make sure to prepare a resting area at one end of the track. Reward your dog each time they finish the course to make the game more exciting.

2. Play Hide and Seek

Playing Hide and Seek with your dog helps burn both mental and physical energy. Ask your dog to stay and wait in one spot, then hide and call out to them. Encourage your dog to find you and reward them when they do. To get your dog’s attention, throw small objects or knock on the ground. Start by hiding in easy areas to help your dog learn the game.

3. Assign Tasks to Your Dog

You can provide your dog with small tasks to keep them from getting bored. For example, you can teach them to pick up their toys or take dirty laundry to the laundry basket. This can be both fun and beneficial for both you and your furry friend.

4. Utilize Stairs

If you live in a duplex or your neighbors don’t mind, you have access to stairs that can be used to exercise your dog. Going up and down the stairs burns a lot of energy, and this can be enriched by removing or lowering every other stair.

5. Use a Treadmill

If you have a treadmill, you can use it as an exercise machine for your dog. After your dog loves the machine, start with a gentle pace before gradually increasing it. It would be best if you rewarded your dog occasionally by standing directly in front of the treadmill.

Keep in mind that dust and dog hair may accumulate in your home during these games. However, this is a minor issue since having a bored dog is more challenging than having dust around. Make sure to vacuum your house after every workout or game.

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