Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

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A recent study indicates that owning a pet cat can have various health benefits. Here we have listed 12 benefits of having a cat in your house:

Owning a cat has various benefits for human health according to studies.

1- Helps Your Heart and Circulatory System

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that individuals who own cats at home have a 30 to 40 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Additionally, owning a cat may lower the chance of sudden heart attacks. Another investigation discovered that owning a cat is as beneficial for the heart as following a low-salt diet.

2- Boosts Your Immune System

Living with a cat can result in more social interaction, less depression, more laughter, exercise, and ultimately, an improved immune system. Cats are also intuitive creatures who can sense when their owners aren’t feeling well and will comfort them.

3- Prevents Allergies and Respiratory Ailments

Kids who grow up around cats or dogs are less likely to develop allergies and respiratory conditions. Children who are introduced to cats at an early age are even less susceptible to these conditions. Furthermore, children who grow up with pets tend to have better-developed communication and empathy skills.

cat and child
Introducing cats to children at a young age can boost their immunity to allergens and respiratory ailments.

4- Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Pets can have a calming effect on their owners, leading to lower blood pressure. A study by New York University at Buffalo revealed that pet owners have lower blood pressure than those who do not own pets.

5- Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides

A Canadian study from 2006 found that owning a cat has a better effect on reducing cholesterol and triglycerides than certain medications. While a balanced diet and exercise are essential, owning a cat can also make a significant difference.

6- Lowers the Risk of Stroke

A study from the University of Minnesota found that owning a cat may reduce the risk of stroke by up to one-third.

7- Improves Bone and Muscle Health

Cats’ purring has proven healing effects as purring occurs between 20 and 140 Hz, and this frequency range optimizes the healing through bones, muscles, and tissues. The soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and connective tissues also tend to heal faster within these frequencies. They also benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of these frequencies.

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8- Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Pets offer their owners companionship and can help lift their mood. For those with a strenuous lifestyle, talking and interacting with their pets can bring a much-needed sense of calm and creativity. Caring for and cuddling with your cat can take your thoughts off everyday stressors, reducing your worry and anxiety levels.

love cat
Caring for your cat can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

9- Improves Mood and Reduces Depression

Cats are social creatures who like to interact with their owners. They can provide love and companionship, which are essential in reducing the feeling of depression.

10- Alleviates Loneliness

The bond between cat and human is a form of social communication. If your social circle is small or your friends are far away, your cat can play a significant role in combating loneliness and reducing the feeling of isolation. Spending time with your cat can lift your spirits and make you feel less alone.

11- Reduces Hospital Costs

People who own cats tend to make fewer trips to the doctor and are usually discharged from the hospital earlier. Therefore, the expenses of pet owners are relatively less.

Therapy dogs are common in special education schools and nursing homes, but there are also therapy cats who have similar benefits.

12- Provides Exercise Opportunities

Cats may not require as much exercise as dogs; however, they enjoy playing with their toys, such as toy mice. Make your cat your exercise partner and enjoy some light-hearted moments with your furry friend.


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