Did you know that your cat can recognize its name?

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When you call a dog’s name, they tend to run to you enthusiastically. You might have seen videos of dogs using buttons to communicate with their owners, which have gone viral on social media. However, cats are usually believed to be aloof and disinterested in our words. But recent research has shown that cats are more in tune with humans than we thought.

Despite their independent and sometimes elusive nature, cats are always listening and are aware of their surroundings. In fact, Japanese researchers have found that cats not only recognize their own names, but also the names of other cats and sometimes even those of their owners.

Saho Takagi, an animal science researcher at Azabu University, says, “What we discovered is so surprising, I want people to know the truth. Cats don’t seem to listen to people talk, but the thing is, they do. Even more surprisingly, cats are able to recognize their own names, and this shows that cats’ success goes much further than we realize.”

Cats Recognize Names

In addition to recognizing their own names, cats can also distinguish the names of other cats who live with them and sometimes even their human family members. This ability is usually associated with dogs, but cats have proved they are capable of learning, listening, and remembering information just like their canine counterparts.

The study was conducted through two experiments. In the first, researchers played voice recordings of cats’ names and other names, while showing the cats an image of a familiar cat from their household. The cats were found to stare longer at the images when their name was called, indicating they recognized it. In the second experiment, researchers tested whether cats knew the names of their human family members by showing them pictures and speaking their names. While most cats showed they knew their owners’ names, the length of time they lived with their humans was found to be a significant factor in their recognition.

As cats are very aware of their surroundings and have been found to recognize various sounds and voice patterns, it is not surprising that they can also recognize their names. If you have had similar experiences with your feline friends, share them with us in the comments.

Source: Psychology Today

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