Different personality traits of cat and dog owners

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When it comes to owning a pet, one of the most common discussions is whether you are a cat person or a dog person, and it is often debated in social circles. But can this preference be an indication of your personality?

The TV show How I Met Your Mother had an episode where Ted was looking for the perfect wife and included the condition that she had to love dogs. On the other hand, Robin, his partner, was a cat person. This shows how the cat vs. dog preference can be an interesting topic even in pop culture.

Owning a dog can provide social interaction as it often requires walks and gets a lot of attention, while owning a cat can result in a longer-term relationship due to their longer lifespan. However, as cats are known to be more independent and less obedient, their owners may be more self-sufficient and not need external validation.

While cats and dogs have many differences, both as pets and in their owners, people’s choices can change over time. So, what do scientific studies say about the personality traits of cat and dog owners?

Dog owners are usually more extroverted

University of Texas psychologist Sam Gosling discovered that dog owners tend to be 15% more extroverted and open to new experiences than cat owners. Of course, it is essential to remember that this may not apply to everyone, but it could be an indication of a general trend.

Dog owners appreciate routine more

Dog owners also seem to prefer planning ahead and having a strict daily routine, probably due to the needs of their dogs. On the other hand, cat owners are less likely to have such a tight schedule as cats can be more independent.

Dog owners have a higher sense of obligation

Dog owners have a greater sense of duty and responsibility, possibly because they tend to be more structured and disciplined. To ensure that their dogs are fed, toileted and exercised on time, they need to follow a strict regimen. Meanwhile, cat owners can be more flexible in this regard.

Dog owners usually engage in more energetic activities

Dog owners must take their dogs for regular walks and engage in various energetic activities such as playing, running and hiking, whereas cat owners tend to prefer quieter moments such as reading or cooking. A study conducted by Denise Guastello of Carroll University found that dog owners were more active, while cat owners preferred calmer activities.

Dog owners are more conformist

Studies conducted by Beatrice Alba of Deakin University and Nick Haslam from the University of Melbourne found that dog owners tend to be more obedient and conform to rules. Cat owners, on the other hand, were found to be more defensive and unconventional.

Cat owners enjoy solitude more

Cats are more self-reliant and prefer to spend time alone compared to dogs. This may mean that cat owners also enjoy more time in solitude and can feel comfortable living in an apartment. In contrast, dog owners prefer to live with their families and children and often choose houses with gardens.

Cat owners value their independence more

Cats are known for their independence and so are their owners. Cat owners are likely to be more relaxed and give their cats more freedom to do what they want. In contrast, dog owners tend to be more structured, and their pets’ schedules often reflect it.

Cat owners are more cautious

A study found that cat owners are more prone to anxiety and neurotic disorders, which may make them more anxious. On the other hand, dog owners tend to worry less, possibly due to their more structured and predictable lifestyle.

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