Dogs That Look Like Their Owners and Their Cute Photos

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A few years ago, a fascinating photography project by the British photographer Gerrard Gethings turned into a popular card game in England. The game has a total of 50 cards, with half featuring photos of dogs and the other half featuring photos of their owners, enabling players to match the dogs with their look-alike owners.

Many of us agree that dogs and their owners look alike, and this longstanding myth has been the subject of much study. The University of California’s Professor Michael Roy believes that people tend to adopt dogs that look like them. To test this theory, Roy photographed dogs and their owners at dog parks and asked the owners to match the pictures of their dogs with their respective owners. The results of the research showed that participants were able to match the dogs with their owners, even without any visual clues.

Some generalizations emerged within the scope of the research. For example, long-haired people tended to prefer dogs with long and droopy hair. Overweight people often choose large breed dogs. However, the real similarity lies in the eyes of the dogs and their owners. If you closed the eyes of the dogs and their owners in the photos, the matching became difficult for participants. Psychologists believe that this tendency to choose animals that look like us is a result of our general inclination to prefer things that are similar to us, including personality traits.

Regardless of the underlying causes, it’s undeniable that dogs and their owners tend to look alike. Here are some cute photos of dogs and their owners by Gerrard Gethings that demonstrate this phenomenon in a fun way:

Benji and Harper

Cenk and Horst

Charlotte and Caspar

She sees Yasmin le Bon

François and Antoine

Harry and Hattie

Henry and Hope

Jessica and Buddy

Monica and Reggie

Sergei and Spike

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