Fun Indoor Games for You to Play with Your Children and Pets

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It’s easy to think of outdoor games when it comes to engaging both your kids and pets, like playing catch and fetch. But sometimes, going outside is not an option. When you’re stuck indoors, you can still come up with games that can help your kids and pets expend their energy, create good memories, and contribute to your child’s development. All you need to do is ensure that you know your pet well, and teach your child how to care for them properly.

Here are some enjoyable indoor games that you can play with your children and pets:

1. Obstacle Course

Pets jump and hurdle over objects that you can create a custom DIY obstacle course. These products can be costly but can simply be created from home. With creativity, turn any area in your home, especially your corridors, into a unique course for a fun experience with your pet! The activity can educate and entertain pets and children to spend more time together. You can also impart valuable lessons on pet safety to your kids while building a track race.

2. Hide and Seek

Hide-and-seek is a classic game that pets, especially cats and dogs, love. Teach your kids how to play, and ask them to conceal a toy that your pet will like. Your child can then take you and the pet to the place where they have hidden the toy in the other room. Then, let your pet discover the hidden toy by tracing the commands—this can be a fun and engaging experience for both your child and your pet.

3. Name Game

It’s incredible how cats and dogs can recall and recognize human voices and tones over time. They cannot talk back, but they can understand the words we speak. This word game involves having your child name each of your pet’s toys differently. Afterward, have your child speak the name of another toy whenever your pet returns with the one with the correct name. Dogs enjoy this game as they love learning new words.

4. Soccer with Paper Balls

Playing with balls indoors can break or damage your stuff. However, creating small homemade balls from paper or gift wrapping materials is an affordable way to enjoy this game. Simply grab the small balls in the center and start passing them around with your child as if you’re playing soccer. Your pet would naturally join the game because of the noise and the fun.

5. Rope Play

The simplest game you can play at home is in the form of the rope game. Use a ball of yarn and make sure it is thick enough for knitting. Then hand the rope over to your child and ask them to drop it in the middle of the hall. Watch your animal play around with the rope—it can be entertaining for both you and your child. Just remember to put the rope away when you finish playing.

6. Shadow Play

Find an area in your home that casts a shadow- behind a lamp is a great example – and form different shapes with your child using your hands and body. Smaller shapes are more interesting for pets. It’s energizing for your pets and can be simply entertaining when your child tries to figure out how to create different shadow figures.

7. Bubble Fun

Your pets love bubbles but using any soap or dish soap to create bubbles can harm them. Instead, utilize your pet’s shampoo, dripping it into the water you will use to create bubbles. If you don’t have a bubble maker, you can use a clothespin instead. It’s a game where both your child and that pets will enjoy playing.

Playing and spending quality time with your pets and children at home can be a lot of enjoyable. But it’s essential to think ahead as pets lose fur and jump around. Shed fur and matted hairs can have numerous consequences for you and your kids, including a dingy and dusty house. It’s important to vacuum your house periodically, preferably after every game, to shield your family’s and pets’ health. When you vacuum your house, engage your child in helping, teaching them to be responsible homeowners.

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