Study shows pets infuse our lives with positive energy

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Owning a pet is not a walk in the park. It demands time, financial resources, and energy on your part. Additionally, your pet may not always behave as you’d like. You must be patient and tolerant to take care of and train them. Above everything else, you must be compassionate and sometimes compromise your own way of life.

Irrespective of these challenges, pet owners have lauded the love and companionship of their pets and the positive energy they bring into their lives. The reason for this is simple; pets bring us positive energy. How do they do it? Here are some ways:

1. Pets boost mental strength

Regardless of your mood, your pet will always be there for you, especially in these Covid-19 times. In an environment marked by stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, individuals who have pets and are socially distanced have realized the significance of their pets in supporting their mental health and countering loneliness. Pets are known to boost mental strength in several ways.

Firstly, they establish a friendship with their owners. We all have moments in life when we feel alone. We experience separations, loss, and hardships. Pets are there for us in these moments, striving to relieve our loneliness. Secondly, pets reduce stress. Life can be incredibly stressful, especially with work-life, home life, schooling responsibilities, etc. Unwinding with a pet can be priceless, forgetting your stress while playing with them, buoying your spirits up. Finally, pets remind their owners of the good things in life. For instance, if you have a dog, you need to walk it, feed it, care for it. Pets teach us responsibility and the need to care.

2. Pets improve physical health

Pets also bridge the gap to positive energy by improving physical health. If you have a dog, for instance, you should take it for a walk at least twice a day, and you too will take advantage of the short walks. Playing with your pet from time to time will also help them release their energy. Having a pet around children is well-known to reduce allergies as developing the immune system against allergens at a young age helps protect against allergic reactions. Another gain of pets in terms of the human body is pain and suffering reduction. Individuals with persistent pain have reported relief and lowered stress levels thanks to their pets’ positive energy.

3. Pets offer social support

Pets are man’s best friend. However, having a pet is not only about the friendship they offer themselves; it can help you forge relationships with other pet owners and confront being lonely. Dogs, for example, are more likely to seek out their owners’ social support due to their playful nature.

4. Pets give unconditional love

If you have a pet, you know what true love means. No matter what you do, a pet will never stop loving you. Pets always care for their owners. You may experience difficulties in human relationships, but you will never feel stuck with a pet; you know they will never leave you. Pets also teach us what love is and how to love. A world full of understanding and empathy such as that shown by pets would be a more loving world.

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