Eliminating Dog-Caused Mess: Cleaning Steps You Shouldn’t Miss

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Dogs are known for their loyalty and cuteness and can easily become their owner’s best friend. However, they also tend to be messy and dirty. Even if you clean your home every day, if you have a dog, you may still find some areas dirty that can be quite annoying. Experienced dog owners, however, know where to look and can avoid surprise dirty spots.

With the right cleaning tools and a little attention, you can quickly eliminate dirt and hair left by your dog. A powerful vacuum cleaner is a dog owner’s best friend when it comes to cleaning. After you have acquired the necessary equipment and learned where to look, you will easily remove dog-caused dirt and hair. Here are the areas that you should check when cleaning as a dog owner:

1. Window sills

Your dog may put its paws on the window sill when it sees or hears something exciting, causing stains on the surface. Make sure to check and clean your window sills, especially the one facing the street.

2. Doors

Your dog may leave paw prints on the doors, especially the front or the most frequently used door. Make sure to include door cleaning in your routine.

3. Wall behind food and water bowl

If your dog is too excited, it may accidentally spill food or water on the wall where its bowls sit, causing visible stains over time. We suggest wiping or covering this part of the wall and cleaning it regularly.

4. Where your dog sleeps

Where your dog sleeps can be a haven for dirt and hair. Hence, you should pay extra attention to this area when cleaning.

5. Under the bed

The area beneath your bed or sofa is where dirt and hair often accumulate, and your dog may spend time there when you’re out. So, make sure to check the bottom of your furniture while cleaning.

6. Under the chair and dining table

Food crumbs can easily settle under and around chairs and dining tables, which can attract your dog’s attention and lead to a mess. Additionally, your dog may create a hiding place under your favorite chair while you’re away. Make sure you don’t ignore these areas during cleaning.

7. The sofa you use the most

If your dog misses you or wants to be close to you, it may jump on your favorite sofa or sleep on your pillow. Therefore, make sure that you include these areas frequently used by you while cleaning.

8. Armchairs and sofas

The crevices between armchairs and sofas tend to accumulate dirt, including pet hair. This area is also where you may end up losing items like phones, keys, or glasses. Cleaning this area regularly with the appropriate vacuum head will keep it dirt-free.

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