Healthy Snacks for Your Pets: A Guide to Nutritious Treats

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Did you know that you can provide your pets with healthy snacks that have nutritional value instead of giving them unhealthy treats like candy? Just like with children, we can even accustom our pets to eating fruits and vegetables because animals have the right to a healthy diet too. So, what do pets actually eat? What fruits and vegetables do they like? The answers to these questions can be found below in our article:


Dogs, just like many people, love strawberries. Luckily, strawberry is a very suitable food for both cats and dogs. Among the benefits of strawberry is its strong antioxidant properties which reduce inflammation in the body and the risk of cancer in pets.


Nutritionists often refer to blueberries as a ‘superfood’ due to their nutritional properties and high amount of vitamin K, which contributes to bone strength. You can feed blueberries to cats and dogs without worrying.


Watermelon is a miracle fruit that boasts antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral properties and has a 90% water ratio, making it an extremely healthy and natural cooling food for dogs, especially in the hot summer months.

You can also accustom your pets to a healthy diet.

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Foods that Pets Can and Cannot Eat

Some of the foods we eat are not suitable for our animal friends to consume, so it’s important to be mindful of what we give them. Dogs are omnivores and can be more open to trying different foods, while cats are picky carnivores. Additionally, cats can’t detect sugary tastes, so giving them fruity snacks doesn’t have much of an effect.

Below is a list of healthy foods that are suitable and unsuitable for pets:

  • Suitable: Seedless apple slices (apple seeds can be toxic to animals), ice, green beans, carrots, zucchini, fat-free and unsalted popcorn, catnip, red meat (skin, fat, and bone removed), and boned bonito.
  • Unsuitable: Dried or fresh grapes, garlic, onion, avocado, wild mushrooms, peach, red berries, erik, and nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds.

The foods listed above are some of the healthy snacks you can give your pets with peace of mind. It’s important to remember to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cutting them into small pieces for your furry friends. While there is no harm in giving your pets raw vegetables and fruits, you should cook red and white meats thoroughly. Lastly, make sure to monitor your pets for any possible reactions after introducing new foods to their diets.

For additional information on the subject, refer to the video below:

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