How to Stop Your Cat from Meowing at Night?

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Cats are known to sleep a lot during the day, but when it comes to night time, they can be very active. Your cat may constantly meow, jump on your bed, scratch, or make noise, which can severely disrupt your sleep. Cats are intelligent creatures and their active hours may coincide with your bedtime. In such cases, your cat would want to play, eat, or spend time with you.

The ancestors of cats were animals that usually hunted at night but domestication has changed their behavior. Even a cat that does not disturb its owner at night wakes up at least 1-2 times a night. If your cat frequently meows at night, below are some ways to prevent your cat from doing so:

Find the Reason for Your Cat’s Nighttime Activity

If your cat is wandering around, meowing, or scratching during the night, it might indicate a health concern or pain. The first step is to take your cat to a vet.

The issue might be that your cat has extra energy that it has not gotten rid of during the day. Your cat might spend the evening to get your attention and play. If you are away during most of the day, your cat may be bored. Also, your cat’s routine may not align with yours.

Note that none of these reasons require you to sacrifice your sleep quality. There are ways to help your cat learn to let you rest.

How to Stop Your Cat from Meowing at Night?

1. Play with Your Cat

Give your cat attention when you come home, especially in the evening, and play with it. Use toys, paper objects, or ping-pong balls to engage your cat’s interests and tire it out.

2. Feed Your Cat Before You Retire

Cats often sleep right after they eat. Your cat may be waking you up at night because it is hungry. You may use a timer-operated food container so that your cat waits for food instead of waking you up. Remember to monitor the food portion to avoid any weight problems.

3. Keep Your Cat Busy During the Day

Your cat can sleep better at night if it spent the day being active. If you cannot always be around, you can buy toys or a play area for your cat to keep it occupied.

4. Get Another Cat

Your cat might be a social animal and may need another cat to keep it company. The two cats will eventually tire themselves out playing with each other while you sleep peacefully.

5. Establish Boundaries

Cats can cause accidents or injuries to their owner while trying to wake them up. Avoid letting your cat enter your bedroom while you sleep. If it does, take it out of the bedroom. If your cat scratches the door, use duct tape, water, or any object that repels your cat.

6. Set a Routine

Cats do not like surprises, so try to set a routine for your cat throughout the day. Create specific times for meals, exercise, playtime, and petting time. Your cat will learn that it is sleeping time at night and will let you sleep peacefully.

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