10 Mobile Apps for Pet Owners

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Mobile applications have become essential tools in our daily lives. We use them to track our nutrition and exercise regimes, manage our finances, shop, monitor our sleep patterns, and even log our app usage. Similarly, mobile applications provide numerous conveniences for pet owners, particularly cat and dog owners. Here are some fascinating and helpful mobile applications that can make pet care easier:


FitBark is a program that monitors the activities of your dog. You can synchronize the small bone-shaped FitBark, which can be attached to your dog’s collar, with the app that you download to your mobile phone. You can follow your dog’s entire activity pattern, from feeding to the frequency of movement, through the app. FitBark has been tested by experts from Cambridge University to Mayo Clinic and provides safe and accurate results. It is an excellent app for dog owners who want to ensure that their dogs stay fit. FitBark also offers information about your dog’s sleep patterns and skin health. If your dog is scratching an area more than usual, the app sends an alert.


ResQwalk is an app that enables you to help shelter animals by walking. The free app calculates your location via GPS, and the more you walk, the more money is donated to the shelter of your choice. The app’s slogan is “Rescue an animal every time you go for a walk.” By walking your dog, you can also support stray animals in need.

İBB Semtpati

İBB Semtpati is a mobile app that allows animal lovers who volunteer for street animals in different neighborhoods of Istanbul to keep track of one another. Users can record the physical characteristics, health and nutrition information, locations, and photos of stray dogs in their neighborhoods. The app also has a case reporting feature.

Cat Clicker Training

Cat Clicker Training helps you exercise your cat by making a clicking sound in response to your cat’s orders. When your cat hears this easy click, you reward the cat. The app enables you to train your cat with positive reinforcement through rewards while enjoying pleasant moments with your cat through the game interface.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is one of the most useful apps for cat and dog owners. If your pet requires medical attention and you do not know what to do, this app is a lifesaver until you can take it to the vet. It also contains information to help you check the general health of your pet. Pet owners can benefit from Pet First Aid.


If you want to teach your dog new tricks, Puppr is the app for you. It provides step-by-step guidance on which trick to teach and how to train your dog. It offers a guide to train your dog from the most basic obedience training to the more advanced tricks.

Perfect Dog Free

Perfect Dog Free is an app that provides you with comprehensive information about the best pet for your living conditions, personality, and expectations. The app asks you questions in several different categories and

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