How Your Cat and Dog Show Love: Signs to Watch for

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Nothing beats the feeling of being greeted by your furry friend when you come home after a long and tiring day. Your pet wants to help you forget the stresses of the world, to show you its love and to express its happiness for seeing you.

But understanding how pets express their affection may not always be easy. So how do you know if your cat or dog loves you? How do they show you their love? What actions do they do when indicating endearment? Here are behaviors to look for that will tell you how your pet feels about you.

Knowing if Your Cat Loves You

Rubbing against You

Research has shown that cats view their owners as fellow cats or members of the family. They simply think you’re just an older version than themselves. If your cat rubs or licks you, it’s because it loves you.


Cats show their affection by biting. As cats view their owners as fellow felines, they sometimes do this to demonstrate endearment. However, if it leads to pain, don’t punish the cat. This may only confuse the animal. Instead, give it something else to distract its attention.

Eye Contact

Cats might see prolonged staring as a threat. If they look into your eyes and appear to be content, it means the cat no longer views you as a threat and is displaying affection.

Head Rubbing

Cats use head rubbing to mark their territory by leaving scent pheromones on their cheeks and head. If your cat rubs its head against you, it is marking you as one of its own.

Offering Gifts

Your cat may present you with the prey it just hunted as it views itself as a teacher who is showing you how to catch something. Since your cat considers you as part of its family, it sees the gift as a way of expressing affection.

Tail Twitching

A cat’s tail reveals its feelings. When your cat raises its tail and wags it from side to side as it approaches you, it sends an incredibly positive message, that message being that it views you as a friend and loves you.


Cats rarely communicate with meowing among themselves. They mainly meow only to communicate with humans. Also, they don’t meow if they don’t like someone, just like humans don’t talk to someone they don’t like. If your cat meows at you, it is trying to communicate with you.

Sleeping in Your Lap

Cats, as natural predators, avoid appearing weak even when asleep. If it finds its way to your lap and sleeps peacefully, it means it trusts and loves you completely.

Knowing if Your Dog Loves You

Eye Contact

Just as with humans, dogs tend not to make eye contact with those they feel uncomfortable or unsafe around. If your dog looks you in the eyes, it is showing deep love and devotion towards you.

Lying Next to You

People often reach out to those they love or trust. Dogs act similarly. If your dog comes and lies down next to you while you’re sitting or lying down, it is because it feels safe, happy, and completely relaxed with you.

Sleeping on Your Bed

If you prohibited your dog from sleeping on your bed, and despite this, it finds a way to sneak on, then it loves you. It symbolizes the animal’s loyalty and its unwillingness to separate from you in any way.

Greeting You Enthusiastically

When you arrive home after a tiring day, does your dog jump up happily and tries to lick you? This gesture signifies a hug. The dog may be unsure of what to do because it is overjoyed with your presence.

Moving Your Belongings

If you observe your dog carrying your slippers, socks, and shoes to different parts of the house, it is trying to reassure itself of your scent all around the house. However, finding your dirty laundry in different corners of the house, chewed off, may not be agreeable. In this case, discourage this type of behavior.

Keeping an Eye Out

While walking on the street, stray dogs might not always listen to you or stay by your side. However, you can be sure it never loses sight of you. If your dog often turns its head to check on you while walking together, it is expressing affection.

Offering Toys or Gifts

If your dog offers you its favorite toy or something to play with when you’re sad, it means it appreciates you. A dog shares its beloved toy only with its favorite owner.


Yes, dogs do smile! If you notice the dog opening its mouth and pulling its lips back a little while appearing content in your presence, then it is smiling. This is an important sign of affection.

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