Discover Social Media Platforms to Learn About Living with Dogs

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Having a pet is an amazing experience that brings immense joy and a sense of love and belonging. However, it also comes with its own set of responsibilities and challenges. Luckily, social media and digital platforms can provide pet owners with easy and practical ways to interact and share common problems and needs. Here are some social media accounts that offer information, advice, and inspiration on living with your furry best friend:

1. Kerry Hall – Flashdogtraining

Kerry Hall is a professional dog trainer who provides useful tips and tricks on dog training, as well as information about dog nutrition and outdoor activities.

2. Kindred Dog PDX

Ruben and Shane Montes, aka Kindred Dog PDX, are professional dog trainers who offer personalized training solutions to fit the unique lifestyle of every dog owner.

3. Southend Dog Training

Adam Spivey, a dog trainer based in England, shares insightful information about dog training and frequently answers questions from his followers through Instagram’s Q&A feature.

4. Falco The Dog

Jenna Hlady, the owner of the dog named Falco, shares valuable information and tips for dog owners on her Instagram account, FalcoTheDog.

5. Pawsandreflect

Haley, the owner of Scout, shares her experiences and knowledge about dogs, including memorable moments and useful tips, on her Instagram account, Pawsandreflect.

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