Top Movies About the Loving Bond Between Humans and Animals

by Pets

Movies about animals are not only limited to the funny and comedic. They also include heartfelt stories about the friendship and bond that exists between humans and animals. From forest creatures to sea animals and even dangerous beasts, these movies showcase the experiences and friendships animals can bring into our lives. If you are an animal lover, here are some movies that you don’t want to miss:

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This classic movie from 2009 directed by Lasse Hallström and starring Richard Gere is about the friendship between a university professor and an abandoned dog.

2. A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose, directed by Lasse Hallström in 2017, tells the story of a dog’s journey with multiple owners to discover the meaning of life.

3. Polar Adventure

The 2006 film Polar Adventure follows two Antarctic explorers who must leave their teammates, their dogs, behind to survive the freezing cold.

4. Wolves

Entrelobos, produced in 2010 and directed by Gerardo Olivares, tells the story of a boy who lived alone with wolves for 12 years.

5. The Magic of Love

The film follows a former veterinary student who starts working in a traveling circus and falls in love with the circus manager’s wife. We witness the lives of more than one circus animal throughout the story.

6. Red Dog: True Blue

This movie tells the story of the friendship and adventures shared between a young man and a dog that will become a legend in the future.

7. Forest Boy

The story is about a boy who is raised by a bear, a black panther, and a pack of wolves deep in the forest after losing his parents. Although he has to leave the forest, where he considers home one day, he embarks on a new quest to explore both himself and the outside world.

8. Duma

The 2005 film tells the story of a boy living in South Africa who becomes best friends with an orphaned cheetah.

9. The Life of Pi

This movie directed by Ang Lee tells the story of the bond between a man who survived a sea disaster and a Bengal tiger, one of the survivors like him.

10. Ratatouille

Ratatouille, a French animated movie from 2007, tells the story of a mouse who loves to cook and collaborates with a young and inexperienced kitchen worker.

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