Make Your Home More Stylish With These Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets are often the best friends of their owners. However, decorating a home with pets can sometimes be a challenge. Owners worry about gnawed legs on dining tables, feather-covered sofas, and other potential hazards that come with having furry friends. Even the most well behaved pets can cause household damage from time to time.

But the solution is not to give up on your furry pal; instead, you can make some minor adjustments to your home and keep your pet while also having a stylish and chic home decor. Here are some useful and stylish tips for pet owners:

1. Choose Your Materials Carefully

Fabrics such as velvet, suede, and canvas may look beautiful, but they can attract pet hair and feathers. When buying sofas and chairs, it’s best to opt for materials that are more durable and easier to clean, such as leather. A leather sofa is timeless and can last for many years, just like a well-loved leather handbag that grows more beautiful with age.

2. Keep It Clean

Every pet sheds, so regular house cleaning is essential to avoid dust and lint buildup. Dog hair, in particular, can make even the best decorated homes appear dirty and cluttered. To keep your home looking tidy, vacuum the floors often. You might set aside specific days for more thorough cleaning, such as a weekly deep cleaning and daily touch-ups in high traffic areas.

3. Embrace Patterns and Avoid Dark Colors

Dark colors can make a room appear smaller while not hiding pet hair or other messes as effectively as you might think. Consider multi-colored patterns to make any dirt or animal hair less visible. Additionally, patterns add depth and character to any room.

4. DIY Your Pet’s Toys and Accessories

Pet owners know the importance of having the right pet accessories, such as chew toys, climbing towers, and baskets for sleeping. However, you might find that many pet products lack style, or don’t match your decor. By applying your own unique perspective and imagination, you can create custom solutions that match your personal style.

5. Opt for Washable Bedding Materials

If you share a bed with your pet, be sure to use washable bedding materials. Place a protective layer between your mattress and sheets to keep them clean. And don’t forget to launder your linens frequently. Choose duvets, blankets, and pillows that are easy to wash.

6. Limit or Avoid Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Carpeting attracts dust, hair, and odors and can be difficult to clean, especially if you have pets. While a rug can be a stylish addition to a room, wall-to-wall carpeting is not advisable, so limit the areas that have it. Vacuum regularly to remove lint and pet hair.

7. Consider Your Pet When Choosing Flooring Materials

If you’re considering replacing your floors, think about your pet’s needs and habits. Hard floors made of durable materials are easier to clean and better withstand pet paws and claws.

8. Get Inspired by Your Pet

Your pet can be a valuable source of inspiration as you choose items that suit your home’s style. You might choose colors that reflect your pet’s fur or natural surroundings. After all, your pet is a part of nature too.

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