The Must-Follow “Fun and Furry” Instagram Accounts

by Pets

When we think about social media influencers, we tend to think about accounts that have a lot of followers that share their experiences in food, travel, fashion and healthy living. However, we cannot ignore or dislike those fun and furry characters of the social media world – dog and cat accounts, who are just as popular as other influencers, if not more so.

If you’re tired of the usual influencers, these are some of the funniest cat and dog pages on Instagram that are sure to make you smile:

Click on the images to access their Instagram accounts.

1. Jiffpom

Jiffpom is one of Instagram’s most iconic dogs, boasting 9.8 million followers. Its fame can be traced back to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video, that was released in 2014. Jiffpom holds several records, including the world record for being the fastest dog on two legs. It supports social responsibility campaigns and shares advice with its followers.

2. Itsdougthepug

Doug, a.k.a Itsdougthepug is perhaps the world’s most famous pug. The Instagram account, which has 3.8 million followers, features funny posts written from the dog’s perspective.

3. Marutaro

Marutaro, or Maru for short, is a shiba inu from Tokyo. While initially gaining popularity in Japan, it quickly spread throughout the world, resulting in its owner, Shinjiro Ono, publishing a photobook. Maru’s Instagram page was opened to entertain people after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. However, Maru became so famous that he now has more than 2.5 million followers.

4. Marniethedog

Marniethedog is an Instagram profile of a dog taken from a shelter in 2011, when she was 11 years old. Known for her outdoor photographs, Marnie also has her very own book. The book aims to increase the adoption rates of older dogs. Marnie currently has 1.9 million followers.

5. Realgrumpycat

The realgrumpycat is one of the most famous cats on Instagram due to her highly sulky expression. The cat passed away last May, but its owner still manages its 2.7 million followers on social media.

6. Pumpkintheraccoon

It’s not just cats and dogs on social media that have managed to gain popularity. Pumpkintheraccoon is a social media account belonging to a raccoon with 1.4 million followers.

7. Venus twofacecat

Venus, a Van cat, is famous worldwide for having different eye colors. The cat herself is also striking as half of her face is black, while the other half is brown. This social media phenomenon has 2 million followers.

8. Iamlilbub

Lil BUB is one of the cutest cats on Instagram, with an account that has 2.4 million followers. The cat with the adorable facial expressions, even has her own plush toys.

9. Lionelthehog

Lionel is a hedgehog that has managed to grab the attention of social media. Although it has not yet reached millions of followers, the hedgehog does pique the interest of many, with 140 thousand followers.

10. Juniperfoxx

Juniper, who calls herself the “happiest fox” in the world, is a social media favorite. With 2.9 million followers, this fox may very well be the most famous fox in the world.

11. Dusunenkop

Last on our list is a dog from Turkey named Lokum. The Dog’s contemplative gaze is shared alongside thoughts and comments from its owner. While Lokum may have relatively few followers, her thoughts are certainly popular…

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