The amazing benefits of pets on our well-being

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Living with a pet is an experience that is difficult to put into words. Animals bring love and joy into our homes, and also play a valuable role in improving our physical and mental health. Inspired by the healing impact of his own dog, mental life coach and astrologer Tanaaz delves into the benefits of pet ownership. Based on both research and his personal experiences, Tanaaz presents some valuable suggestions on how to enhance our lives by living with pets. Here are some of these life-giving suggestions:

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Pets: A Dose of Healing

People who own a pet know the Florence Nightingale quote from the 1860s all too well: “A small pet is an excellent companion for those who are sick, especially for those with long-standing chronic diseases.”  In the meantime, scientific studies are constantly being conducted to uncover the various healing effects of having a pet. For example, research shows that men with dogs are more likely to survive a heart attack. Also, owning a pet can help regulate high blood pressure within just six months. The therapeutic value of cat purring is also being actively researched. It is believed that the vibrations from a cat’s purr can reduce muscle aches and inflammation, having a positive effect against diseases. Additionally, animals have long been utilized in hospitals and as a part of therapy programs for patients with critical health conditions.

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What Makes Animals Extraordinary Healers?

Animals are non-judgmental in their nature and attempt to form a bond with humans irrespective of their external features or personality. This unconditional bond creates a level of comfort unique to the human animal bond and can significantly reduce stress levels. Experts refer to this comfortable bond as “relationship comfort”, and stress that the unconditional bond helps to increase feelings of comfort while reducing stress.

How to Effectively Harness the Healing Power of Pets?

Talk to Your Pet: Speaking to your pet can be an effective way of sharing your concerns without fear of judgment. Research shows that talking to your pet makes you feel understood, comfortable, and safe.

Stroke Your Pet: It has been scientifically proven that petting reduces stress levels and activates the immune system. Petting your pet can help regulate blood pressure and reduce anxiety and stress levels according to a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.   

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Play with Your Pet: By interacting with animals, the body secretes oxytocin, a hormone that creates close bonds and trust in relationships. Having a pet can increase these feelings of love and trust in personal relationships with people.

Treat Your Pet Like a Family Member: According to research, people who see their pets as part of the family and form a deep emotional bond with them are more likely to lead healthier lives than those who don’t do so. Organizing a birthday party for your pet, preparing food for him or playing with him… Treating your pet like a member of your family can increase your sense of social togetherness.

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Exercise with Your Pet: Letting your furry friend accompany you on long walks can make a big difference in motivating you to exercise and stay fit. We all know the benefits of exercise, and having a furry playmate can make it more fun and enjoyable.

Unconditional love, companionship, and joy are just a few of the many blessings that pets bring into our lives. By treating our pets with the same love, care, and affection that they give us, we can maintain their health, safety, and happiness while benefiting from the healing power of these remarkable beings ourselves. 

We can learn so much from our animal companions. So, how does your pet enrich your life?

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