The World’s Most Famous Cats: 12 Felines That Are Hollywood Stars

by Pets

When we think of fame, we do not only think of human beings. The same goes for world-famous animals who are no less than Hollywood stars. This time, we’re shedding some light on cats. Here are the world’s most famous cats who gained popularity through TV series, movies, or social media platforms.

1. Garfield

Garfield, the cartoon character who loves spaghetti and hates Mondays, is perhaps the most popular cat in the world. We recognize Garfield from TV shows, movies, and comics. The character is known worldwide for his cute plush toys.

2. Felix

Felix is a cartoon character that was born in 1919 during the black and white movie era. This kind-hearted cat made his first appearance during the silent film era. Felix is one of the most well-known cartoon cats of all time, and his fame continues into the 2000s.

3. Tom

Tom from Tom & Jerry is impossible to forget when discussing the most famous cats in the world. Tom has dedicated his life to catching Jerry and is one of the most well-known cartoon cats of all time.

4. Mr. Bigglesworth

One of the world’s most famous cats is Mr. Bigglesworth, a sphinx cat, who was Evil’s imaginary cat.

5. Salem

Salem, who we know as Sabrina’s cat, is one of the most famous cats worldwide.

6. Monty

Becoming famous has become easier for cats now, as they can make use of social media. One of the world’s famous cats is Monty, who was born without a nose bridge. You can follow Monty’s social media accounts.

7. Cole and Marmalade

Cole and Marmalade are among the most famous internet cats, with around 1.4 million followers on YouTube. You can follow Cole and Marmalade’s YouTube account.

8. Honey Bee

Another internet celebrity cat is Honey Bee. Blind in both eyes, Honey Bee explores different parts of the world with her owner, who is a mountaineer, and makes a mark in climbing. Honey Bee’s adventures can be followed on Facebook.

9. Venus

Instagram celebrity Venus is noteworthy for being half black and half yellow. Venus also has one blue eye and one green eye. Venus has 2 million followers on Instagram. You can check out her Instagram account to follow her.

10. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat has a sulky face, which makes him look grumpier than most cats. He has 2.6 million followers on his Instagram account called RealGrumpyCat, and has products such as games, toys, calendars, and notebooks.

11. Sam

Another internet celebrity cat is Sam. Sam is a white cat with a black tail and black eyebrows. Sam’s unique appearance has caught the attention of newspapers and magazines, and the feline has approximately 250 thousand followers on Instagram. It is possible to follow Sam on Instagram.

12. Lil Bub

Lil Bub became famous for her unusual dwarfism and always sticking her cute tongue out. Lil Bub will always be the size of a kitten due to her illness. She has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

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