The Changing World: How Will Our Daily Habits and Future Be Affected by the New Order?

by Pets

Until recently, our daily lives followed a normal routine, but with recent changes in the world due to the pandemic, our daily habits have been affected too. We spend most of our time at home now and have had to adapt to an online environment.

We are currently experiencing the cultural, social, and economic effects of these changes, but how will they affect our lives in the long run?

Reshaping Our Habits and Routines

1. Personal Space Will Be More Important

Even if we do not have to follow social distancing rules after the pandemic, the respect for personal space will increase, affecting the perception of physical intimacy in many cultures.

2. Changes in Greetings

Greetings that involve direct contact, such as handshakes, hugs, and kisses, will disappear, and new forms of greetings with facial expressions and gestures will emerge.

3. Increase in Kitchen Activity

Due to the shutdown of cafes and the decrease in ordering takeout food, we spend more time cooking, and this is likely to continue.

4. Focus on Productive Activities at Home

As concerts, matches, and performances have been canceled, we rely more on virtual activities and applications for physical and mental health.

Radical Changes in Our Living Spaces

1. Changes in Cleaning Patterns

Cleaning habits have had to adapt to the pandemic as hygiene becomes more important, resulting in more frequent cleaning. Luckily, helper tools like the Dyson V11™ Absolute Vacuum Cleaner make it easier to keep homes clean and hygienic.

2. Improving Air Quality

Staying indoors for extended periods of time has highlighted the importance of air quality, making it crucial to ventilate homes frequently and invest in air-purifying fans like the ones designed by Dyson.

It is important to note that air purifiers cannot prevent the virus’ spread, but they can help improve air quality in homes.

This content was produced with contributions from Dyson.

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