Tips for celebrating Christmas safely with your cat and dog

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Sharing your happiest moments with your loved ones can bring immense joy. However, the excitement of Christmas and New Year celebrations can cause stress to your pets. To ensure that your furry friends also enjoy the festivities it’s important to include them in the celebrations safely. Here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Let them enjoy the lights

Dogs, in particular, can get bothered by constant flashing lights during the celebrations. To avoid this, you can buy a light for your furry friend and fix it around their nest or bed.

2. Don’t forget about the treats

While you prepare a special meal for yourself and your loved ones, make sure you also consider your cat or dog by preparing a special treat for them or buying their favorite food.


3. Accessorize with them

Wearing small accessories such as hats, scarves, or bow ties can be a fun way to include your furry friend in the colorful celebrations.

4. Take a family photo

Capture a memorable family photo on New Year’s Eve with your furry friend in it. Make sure to take the picture in a place where your pet feels comfortable.


5. Involve them in wrapping gifts

Wrapping gifts can be an enjoyable activity for your furry friend. Instead of trying to keep them away, give them some packaging materials to play with.

6. Get them a gift too

Make your furry friend feel special by gifting them a toy that they will enjoy playing with.

7. Ensure their safety

While you’re having fun on New Year’s Eve, make sure to pay attention to your pet’s safety. The decorations and sparklers can be dangerous for your cat or dog. Ensure that hot food and drinks are kept out of reach. Also, if there is a fireworks display near your home, make sure your pet feels safe.

8. Declutter and clean after the party

The house may be a little messy after a joyful New Year’s Eve. Set aside the first day of the new year as a family cleaning day. Assign one person to sweep and another to clean the kitchen.

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