Tips for Teaching Your Cat New Tricks

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Did you know that cats can learn tricks like “sit,” “lie down,” and “catch”? While many people think that only dogs can learn such commands, that’s just a myth. While cats may not be as patient, trainable, or reward-focused as dogs, it’s still possible to teach your cat new tricks with the right methods.

Why Should You Teach Your Cat New Tricks?

Teaching your cat new tricks can be vital to their mental health and well-being. It is also an excellent way to strengthen the relationship between you and your cat. Doing so improves the system of communication between feline and human, and this can have several benefits for both you and your pet.

What Techniques Can You Use to Teach Your Cat New Tricks?

As we mentioned earlier, cats tend to behave differently from dogs. Their levels of patience and interest in training are also unique. However, teaching your cat new tricks isn’t out of the question. You may need to be more patient with your cat than you would with your dog. Here are some techniques that you can use to teach your cat new tricks:

– Start by getting your cat’s attention. You must employ some techniques to gain your cat’s interest. If one approach doesn’t work, keep trying until you find the one that works best for your cat.

– Rewards may be another approach worth trying. Cats love rewards and work well with them. However, while teaching your cat new tricks, make sure you’re not interfering with her diet.

– A clicker can also be useful. When your cat performs the action you’re trying to teach, you can make a sound with the clicker. This sound, combined with a reward, can encourage your cat to repeat the trick you taught them.

– Don’t forget to repeat the process. Your cat learns new behaviors through repetition. Therefore, consistent and regular repetition is essential when trying to train your cat.

– Finally, teach one trick at a time. Attempting to teach too many skills at once will only confuse your cat. Therefore, be patient and consistent.

What Tricks Can You Teach Your Cat?

Now, let’s move on to the tricks you can teach your cat. Here are some tricks that will help you establish a deep bond with your furry friend:

Catch and Fetch

Put a few drops of tuna juice on your cat’s favorite toy to activate her hunting instincts. Throw the toy a little farther, and if she runs to get it and bring it back to you, click the clicker and reward your cat. Remember that patience is key here, as understanding the command may take some time.


Hold the treat slightly above your cat’s head, and she’ll go into a sitting position. When your cat sits, click the clicker and reward her. Over time, you can start rewarding her only when her sitting is ideal.


Hold the prize slightly above your cat’s head so she can paw at it naturally. When your cat paws at the prize, use the word “bang” and reward her. When repeated daily, your cat will gradually understand the knock command.


The techniques for teaching a cat to jump may vary depending on your cat’s nature. For instance, if you have a cat that enjoys jumping, it may be faster to learn new tricks. Start by putting something that catches your cat’s attention at a certain height. When your cat jumps, click the clicker and reward her. Gradually increase the height of the obstacle as your cat becomes more comfortable with the process.

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