Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Comfortable during Hot Weather

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As the temperature rises, spending time outside with your beloved pets becomes more enjoyable. However, hot weather can pose a significant risk to your dog’s health. Dogs have difficulty coping with high temperatures, particularly those with thick and dense fur and short nasal passages. Nevertheless, you can take precautions to make your dog comfortable during warm weather.

Practical Tips to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat

Avoid leaving your dog in a car. Whether for a few minutes or an extended period, leaving your dog in a parked car can be lethal. Even if it might not be sweltering outside, the car’s inside can easily reach dangerous temperatures that can threaten your dog’s life.

Keep your home cool when leaving your dog home alone. If you are leaving your dog behind while you are out, ensure that the house remains cool. Set the air conditioning to “smart” mode or leave a window open if air conditioning is not available. Ensure that curtains and blinds are closed to keep the interior cool. You should also leave enough water for your dog.

Vacuum your house often. During the summer months, increased use of doors and windows can create a dusty and dirty environment. To create a cleaner environment both for yourself and your dog, prioritize regular vacuuming.

Before you go on a walk with your dog, check the pavement’s temperature. If the pavement feels uncomfortable when you touch it, it is too hot for your dog’s paws. You may choose to go outside when it is cooler, or opt for walking on the grass if possible.

Take small steps to cool your dog down. Fill your dog’s water bowl with a few ice cubes to cool down its body temperature. Refrigerate your dog’s favorite toy or fetch item before use to lower their body temperature. You can also make a cold towel bed down for your dog to rest on.

Pay attention to the humidity level inside your home. If the home’s air is too humid, your dog may have difficulty breathing and cooling down. Consequently, you should ensure that you are controlling the humidity levels of your home.

As the weather gets hotter, you may consider shaving your dog’s fur to keep it cool. It is a considerable decision to make, and it is best to seek advice from a veterinarian as some dogs require fur to block out the sun rays.

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