How to Accommodate Guests with Cat and Dog Allergies in Your Home

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If you are a pet lover, you probably know how the joy of having these creatures around the house is immeasurable. However, not everyone can enjoy the company of pets due to allergies. According to studies, about 10% of people suffer from cat or dog allergies. These allergies manifest through itching, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, burning throat, and blistering skin. If you are planning to host guests with pet allergies, you should take precautions to make your home comfortable for them.

Facts About Pet Allergies

Contrary to popular belief, hair is not the leading cause of pet allergies. Instead, the proteins found in the skin, urine, or saliva of cats and dogs cause allergic reactions in some people. When these proteins mix with the fur and the animal sheds, they contaminate the environment, increasing the concentration of allergens.

While no cat or dog breed is entirely hypoallergenic, some breeds, including the Siberian, Sphinx, Burmese, Russian Blue, Terriers, and Poodles, are less likely to trigger allergies than others. Research shows that the length of an animal’s hair has no connection to allergies.

Here are some tips to make your home comfortable for guests that have cat and dog allergies:

Inform your guests.

Before your guests arrive, inform them about your pets to avoid any complications. This information helps your guests to pack the necessary medication and allow them to interact freely with your animals.

Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your home before hosting guests with allergies is essential. Combing and brushing your pets reduces shedding and removes excess hair. Dust your house, paying attention to objects like carpets, rugs, throws, and cushions. Use a vacuum cleaner with a design optimized for cleaning pet hair like the Dyson V11™ Absolute Vacuum Cleaner, which automatically adjusts the motor speed between carpets and hardwood surfaces. Since cat urine also carries allergens, cleaning the litter boxes is essential during cleaning.

Improve Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality will help minimize allergen concentration in your home, making it more comfortable for your guests. Open your windows and let fresh air and sunlight into your home, especially if you do not live in polluted cities. An air-purifying fan like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ will detect the level of air pollution in your home, filter particles and chemicals, and clean your home’s air, making it healthier for your guests.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Guest

You can create a “safe area” in your home where your allergic guests can spend time comfortably. Place chairs made of metal or wood and not covered with fabric in the designated area. Clean a seat your cat or dog is not likely to sit on with a clean cloth. Before the guests arrive, vacuum the room or the sofa as a last-minute touch-up. Alternatively, you can host your guests in a separate room where your cats and dogs are not allowed.

Supply Allergy Medicine

You can never be too cautious. Even if your guest comes with allergy medication, be ready to supply extra medication like antihistamines after consulting with your doctor or pharmacist.

Have a Backup Plan

If allergies persist, have a backup plan. Consider moving your meeting to a nearby park or cafe where the air is fresh and clean. Alternatively, host your guest in your garden or balcony if you have one.

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