Precautions to Take Before Taking Your Pet on Vacation

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including our holiday habits. More people now prefer to have their own space while on vacation, and this extends to our pets as well. Fewer pet owners want to leave their dogs or cats at pet hostels or have their relatives look after their pets while they go on vacation. The rise of pet-friendly accommodations and transportation options is making it easier for pet owners to take their pets with them on holiday.

Traveling with your pet has many benefits, such as not having to worry about your pet’s happiness or whether it’s causing any damage while you’re away. However, traveling with your pet requires careful preparation. Here’s what you need to know before taking your pet on vacation:

1. Consult with your veterinarian

If it’s your first time traveling with your pet, inform your veterinarian of your plans. Discuss how you’ll travel, where you’re headed, and the specifics of the place you’re staying at. You and your veterinarian can then determine if your pet is fit for travel.

2. Get All the Details

Prior to your trip, review your travel plans and accommodation details with your pet in mind. Be mindful of all potential living conditions. Research the physical aspects of your accommodation and determine if there are other animals in the area that might affect your pet.

3. Prepare Your Vehicle for the Journey

If you’re traveling by car, ensure that someone else is available to help care for your pet during your journey. Make sure your pet remains secure within the vehicle and can’t move around. This is important since road travel can be dangerous and the last thing you’d like to happen is for them to get injured. Although pets love sticking their heads out of windows, it might not be safe for them, especially when traveling at a high speed. Take frequent stops to keep your pet entertained and give them ample opportunities to move around and relieve themselves. Never leave your pet unattended in your vehicle.

4. Ensure Your Pet is Properly Attended to When Traveling by Plane

If your travel plans require air travel, ensure that your pet is properly prepared for it. Air travel can be stressful for pets, so be sure to have your pet fully vaccinated before boarding. Additionally, abstain from providing food or water to your pet 4-6 hours before your flight to prevent unwanted accidents.

5. Pack All the Essentials for Your Pet

Many resorts may not cater to all your pet’s needs. Therefore, it’s important to pack everything your pet may need during your holiday. Pack your pet’s bedding, medication, and enough food and water to last them through your vacation.

6. Bring Your Pet’s Favorite Toys

Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toys. Remember that your pet will be in unfamiliar surrounds and may require comfort. Their favorite toys may help ease anxiety as well as keep them entertained.

7. Avoid Crowded Travel Days

When traveling with your pet, try to minimize situations that you can’t control. Consider avoiding busy days and rush hour traffic. Traveling for extended periods may overwhelm your pet, so take it easy and travel smart.

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