You can still keep your furry friend even if you have allergies

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Have you recently discovered that you’re allergic to your pet? Don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to your furry friend. There are countless pet owners around the world that are living with allergies and still share their homes with their pets. Many people think that having allergies means they need to give up their pets, but this is not true.

The first step is to determine the source of your allergy

If you suspect you have a dog or cat allergy or you have been diagnosed with it, you can still keep your pet. But first, you need to find out exactly what is causing your allergy by consulting a specialist and having an allergy test done. It’s possible that you might be allergic to something else instead of your pet. For example, you might believe that you’re allergic to your dog, but the allergy test may reveal that you’re allergic to a particular type of pollen that you are exposed to when you go out for walks with your dog. The symptoms of allergies also vary from person to person. While it causes only sneezing and itching in some, it can go as far as asthma in others.

After figuring out the source of your allergy, you might discover that your body is simply reacting to a protein called an allergen found in your pet’s skin or coat. However, this doesn’t mean you should part ways with your furry companion. As long as your allergic reactions are not life-threatening, you can still continue living with your pet and take various measures to reduce your allergy symptoms. Below are some actions you can take:

1. Create an “allergy-free” zone in your home

Pets should not be allowed to enter certain areas in your home, such as your bedroom, and you can use air cleaner filters, ventilate regularly, and use special bedding that is designed for people with allergies.

2. Use an air purifier

You can use air purifiers and also try to avoid dusty furniture, curtains, and carpets as much as possible.

3. Vacuum your house regularly

Regularly vacuuming your house with a powerful vacuum cleaner can help reduce dust levels and is an effective way to remove hair and skin debris left by your pet that may cause allergies to flare up.

4. Bathe your pet more frequently

You can keep your pet clean and reduce allergens by giving them regular baths. Although cats don’t like water very much, they can eventually get used to it. Make sure to use a shampoo that is appropriate for your pet’s skin type and dry them thoroughly afterwards.

5. Try relaxation methods

You can talk to your doctor about anti-allergy treatments such as immunotherapy. You can also use nasal sprays or medication to alleviate your symptoms.

Are there cat and dog breeds that won’t cause allergies?

Cats produce many allergens that cause allergies, and all cats produce those allergens in their fur, skin, and saliva. Unfortunately, research has shown that there are no hypoallergenic cat breeds. When it comes to dogs, some breeds are said to be hypoallergenic, but studies show that there is no such breed of dog that does not cause allergies.

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